Anxiety & Stress

You can create inner calm and balance without spending hours meditating!

  1. You CAN rewire your mind to choose different responses that trigger stress & anxiety
  2. You CAN reset your nervous system and regulate emotions
  3. You CAN create healthy boundaries and protect your peace

“The relationship you have with yourself may be complex but remember your mind and body has an innate purpose; to heal. I’ll help you tap into your inner resources so you can be free to create a life that supports you”.~ Roksana

Why should you learn to manage stress and anxiety?

We all experience stress in our everyday life. In fact, most of the stress we experience is good for us, it makes us do important and necessary things. Stress becomes unhealthy when it is continuously high pressure, this is when it becomes distress. This plays havoc on our hormones, immune system and our general health. Continuous distress can lead to the use of unhealthy crutches such as over drinking, overeating or reliance on anything that helps us escape. It’s usually when these behaviours start to rule your life that you seek help.

We all experience varying degrees of anxiety from time to time. Anxiety can feel like a quickening of the heartbeat to a full-on panic attack which can be a debilitating experience. Managing anxiety involves learning the situations which trigger anxiety and utilising effective strategies to reduce the intensity of the emotions that cause anxiety.

Managing stress and anxiety will greatly improve the quality of your life.

Roksana’s coaching offers sustainable changes

Coaching enables you to work with an expert to design a life you really want. Coaching is a two-way relationship, you are proactively working within and outside of sessions to install the new behaviours, thoughts and feelings that create sustainable change in your life. Your commitment to heal and create positive changes will pay off very quickly.

Firstly, I will assess and learn the ways your life is affected. I will support you to clarify the outcome(s) you desire as well as the thoughts, feelings and behaviours you want/need as a constant in your life. After this, I will create a personalised roadmap suggesting the number of sessions and the essential tools to support your journey.

A combination of modalities are used to create the shifts you require such as Coaching, Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT, EMDR and Guided Meditation. By the end of your journey with me, you will have a range of personalised tools you can use whenever you want or need a boost.

As a coach my goal is to support you to find the best ways to heal yourself. After our sessions end you will have the confidence and capability to continue your personal growth journey, which I highly recommend.

Awareness is the first step

You’ve got this! The fact you’re here means you are aware you need a solution to manage stress and anxiety.

Have you been…?

    • Over worrying about things you can’t control
    • Experiencing a racing heart rate
    • Experiencing your mind racing either worrying about the past or re-thinking the past
    • Experiencing sweaty palms
    • Experiencing breathlessness
    • Experiencing dryness in your mouth or producing too much Saliva
    • Feeling agitated, irritated or short tempered towards others
    • Feeling restless
    • Daydreaming for long periods of time where you mostly worry about the worst-case scenario
    • Extremely self-critical
    • Constant negative self-talk
    • Avoidance of certain emotions, situations, tasks, people or opportunities
    • Feeling the need to be in control
    • Fear of change, judgement, or rejection
    • Low energy
    • Poor sleep and rest pattern
    • Using unhealthy coping mechanism such as overeating, gambling, excessive shopping etc

If you have ticked one or more then rest assured, you are in the right place! We all experience such things from time to time. It’s normal BUT it doesn’t mean you should resign to this especially if it’s holding you back.

Remain curious about the possibility of changing yourself

Go ahead, imagine if…?

    • You are tranquil 90% of the time

    • You can regulate your emotional state, so you recover from turmoil much quicker

    • It’s easy for you to sustain habits that keep pressure at bay

Yes, you can!


New Beliefs

Change Your Story To Change Your Life

The negative beliefs you hold about yourself will hold you back from the person you want to become.

Beliefs are deeply programmed in your subconscious. These beliefs are stories, stories that limit you and keep you living in a reality that doesn’t reflect how you want to show up in the world.

Change is coming!

Wounds to Wisdom

Your Wisdom Is Infinite

You past experiences have shaped you to become the person you are today.

Notice the abundance in your life. Every life lesson has shaped you to become more compassionate, caring and sensitive.

Unveil the true meaning of your past.

Stand tall and proud.

Clarity and Commitment

Align With Your Purpose

The feelings behind motivation are love and happiness. As we radiate love to meaningful endevours we don’t need to find motivation; it is ever present.

When you align with your purpose, have clarity; it becomes a whole lot easier to commit to who you want to be in the world.


Are you ready?

The real horse power of this programme comes from one-to-one personalised weekly session which evolve dynamically to address your concern in a methodical way.

I synchronise coaching with NLP, Hypnotherapy, EMDR, EFT Tapping and Guided Meditation to ensure no stone is left unturned!

Never again will you feel misunderstood, unheard, or neglected. This programme will give you the confidence to create the life you deserve!

About the Coach...

Roksana is compassionate and will always hold a safe space for you.

Roksana brings a decade of coaching expertise to design every minute of the programme. Even the parts that feel super fun have methodology and rationale! She has a diploma in Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. In 2022, she became a certified EMDR coach.

Roksana removes overwhelm giving clients a proven efficient structure to achieve personal results. Roksana’s aim is to inspire, empower and ensure clients thrive.


BUILD Confidence & Self-Esteem Programme

Step-by-step programme to develop high level of confidence & self-esteem

This programme is designed to liberate you from thoughts, feelings and behaviours that have kept you playing small in life. Your time to make progress, to live joyfully and believe in your awesomeness is NOW!

Continuous (imperfect) progress is the key to sustainable joy! Integrate and embrace the parts of you living within the shadows. Release pain from your past reverberating into your present-day reality. Rekindle a nourishing relationship with yourself and watch how love radiates and ripples into every area of your life.

“I really think no amount of work I’ve done for myself has ever resulted in such a significant improvement in my speaking”

My main objective of being coached by Roksana was to become a more confident public speaker. I spoke at a global event of 1,000 people about my book. The day went so well and I was awestruck by the response I got from the audience. Roksana helped me reach my objective in terms of voicing my opinions and spread my message more confidently about the issues that matter to me the most.

Dhipa, Best-selling Author

Previous Client

Roksana had the training and the experience to address everything, not just a professional but an efficient manner, and I felt like I was in safe hands.

Having a coach is having someone quite unique. You won’t get the advice or help that a coach will give you from friends, from family or from colleagues, because that person is completely out of all those different spheres, and gives you tailor-made independent advice. You won’t get that anywhere else.

Gaelle, Lawyer

Previous Client

If you’re ready to heal your wounds and ignite the best version of yourself then I’m ready to be your guide!


I offer face to face sessions and sessions via Zoom (this excludes EMDR as these are face-to-face sessions only). I’m based in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, UK.

  • Free 20-minutes telephone consultation

  • Each session is 90 minutes; fee £140

  • 8-10 weekly sessions following personalised roadmap

To confirm a start date, fee must be paid via bank transfer in advance. Payment details will be sent via email after the initial free consultation.


If at any point you decide coaching with me is not right for you then please let me know (48 hours in advance) and I will refund any paid for sessions. No quibble!

Take a look at these kind words from happy Women just like you!

Roksana has changed my life. For the first time in my life I feel like I have switched lanes, I’m now on a NEW path, and the path I’m on now is heading in the right direction. I can’t praise or recommend Roksana enough.

Sophia, Entrepreneur

Previous Client
Roksana has an unrivalled passion for her work and she has a unique gift, that very few possess, to help people become a better version of themselves.


Previous Client

I wish I’d come across Roksana sooner – she gave me the solutions I needed to create foundations for myself and I will always be grateful to her for that. I really recommend you schedule a consultation because it might just start the change you are looking for.


Previous Client

I cannot recommend Roksana highly enough. Before I started my coaching with her, I was constantly feeling stuck. Roksana’s coaching changed my mindset significantly and showed me how much I had to be grateful for.


Previous Client
I did an 8 week life coaching programme with Roksana and I can honestly say it had a fantastically profound effect on my life and how I view myself.


Previous Client
Coaching with Roksana was really eye-opening for me… it opened up a whole lot of new ideas for me, and it gave me the empowerment I needed to take those steps forward.


Previous Client

Simply talking about it and seeing it from different eyes with Roksana’s gentle guidance, made it an easier problem to confront. I no longer carry that feeling of defeat.


Previous Client

Healing begins here!

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