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Hi! I’m Roksana Hussein and I coach women to heal, grow and improve the quality of their lives in all areas. You won’t have to explain the nuances around being Asian or Pakistani to me, I’ve straddled two cultures and I know how confusing and complicated life can be.

I get you! 75% of my clients are British South-Asian Women living in the UK. I understand your complex culture, pressure and family dynamics. I understand the nuances and I can read between the lines! I was born in the UK to my immigrant parents desperate to hold on to their Pakistani heritage. Don’t get me wrong, I love so much about being Asian, the food, language, clothes and sense of community but the reality is I wasn’t surrounded with too many wholesome examples of well-balanced Asian families. None of my Indian and Pakistani friends were treated equally to their brothers or male cousins, and we all had to suck it up or be labelled as ‘rebel’.

This patriarchal mentality eroded our self-confidence and self-belief. We couldn’t imagine a life for ourselves that wasn’t pre-planned (to some extent) by our parents or elders. Meanwhile our English friends are dreaming about their future without needing to lie or hide secrets from parents.

I’m going to guess you still second guess yourself, the inner critic plays havoc and you fear judgement from people in positions of authority? You reach certain levels of joy and success but then something blocks you from going further? Like you need permission or approval from someone. I know this well because I’ve lived with this polarity too.

I would reach a certain level of joy and success but then become stuck with procrastination, self-doubt and imposter syndrome. I self-sabotaged.

I’m a mum to two under 12-year-olds. My parents are elderly with complex health issues and live two hours North. Life is full! I know it’s a challenge to prioritise yourself but please know you are worthy and deserving of a joyous life.

When my son was a year old, I felt pushed out of my fifteen-year corporate career. In hindsight it was the best thing to have happened but I did struggle with an identity crisis for a while. The next few years weren’t plain sailing, unresolved and unhealed childhood traumas surfaced. I suffered anxiety and panic attacks.

I would reach a certain level of joy and success but then become stuck with procrastination, self-doubt and imposter syndrome. At some point I realised the reason I couldn’t change my life was because I kept getting attention even if it was negative attention. The resistance to heal was so strong from my inner child so I had to proactively remove her from the driving seat.

My journey to heal was convoluted. I didn’t know what type of coaching or therapy I needed so I tried ALL the options! I don’t want that for you. I have a Diploma in Integrated Hypnotherapy, NLP, qualified EMDR coach and I belong to professional body ACCPH so you can rest assured.

This means I combine proven coaching strategies with therapeutic practices to help you reach your desired outcome in a time frame that suits you. I’ll talk you through the range of packages available based on your desired time frame and affordability. All I ask is your full commitment during the programme and we’ll be hitting those milestone in no time.

If you’re thinking you would love coaching with me but there’s someone in your life you need permission from then please book a call and let me know. I have done and i’m more than happy to speak to them about why it matters (so much) for a Woman to be healed and living joyously. When a woman is healed, her love reverberates to every single person in her life.

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