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Hi! I’m Roksana and I help women create deeply connected relationships, with themselves and those that matter most. I offer a safe, supportive and judgement-free space to help my clients compassionately explore parts of their biography and identity that’s been holding them back. Women, just like you, have experienced profound shifts in their emotional state. Many have gone from strength to strength, others have grown to be kinder and more committed to nurturing themselves.

A little about about me…

Originally from the midlands, I lived in London for a decade before I moved here, in St. Albans. I’m a mum to two young children so there’s a high chance we’ve run into each other at some point! My parents are elderly with complex health issues and live two hours North. Life is full! I understand the dynamics of obligation and complex families!

When my son was a year old, I felt pushed out of my fifteen-year corporate career in London. Looking back, I was definitely suffering emotionally but I had no idea what was wrong with me, other than I couldn’t cope. In hindsight, leaving the career was the best thing to have happened but I did struggle with an identity crisis for a while. The next few years weren’t plain sailing, unresolved and unhealed childhood traumas surfaced. Managing all this whilst taking care of two young children took a great deal of strength that often, I just couldn’t access. I suffered anxiety and panic attacks, and I’m pleased to say, today, I teach the very same effective tools to my clients.

On the surface, my life was seemingly picture perfect. I was happily married with two children living in the suburbs. Yes, I was lone parenting most days and this was hard but I knew there was something much deeper rumbling within me. I suppressed it, avoided it and distracted myself with ALL-THE-THINGS until I simply couldn’t any more. I spoke very harshly to myself, self-loathing and I was my own worse critic. I was a wreck with Insomnia, terrible eating patterns and highly stressed. All this was not caused from the present moment of my life but all the happenings that I had buried from the past. I simply couldn’t keep a lid on it anymore, I hit an all time low and it was clear the pressure valve had to be released.

My journey to heal and personal growth was convoluted. I didn’t know what type of coaching or therapy I needed so I tried ALL the options over a decade! I don’t want that for you. I began my coaching career (2018) with a Diploma in Integrated Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching. Since then, I went onto obtain a Masters in Clinical Hypnotherapy, which includes EFT (Tapping), Coaching, as well as Regression Hypnotherapy. You are in safe hands with me, I belong to professional body ACCPH so you can rest assured I follow the gold quality standards code of conduct . I’m also a qualified EMDR coach, my current clients are benefiting enormously from this method.

I have designed transformative programmes, meaning, I combine proven coaching strategies WITH therapeutic practices to help you reach your desired outcome in a time frame that suits you. Whether you’re very logical, preferring methods such as coaching, outcomes and measures or leaning towards meditations, tapping and spiritual realm, I’ll create a package that feels comfortable for you.

Obviously, I can’t know what brings you here today but I do know this; you’re looking for a way to change some of your unhelpful thoughts, feelings or behaviour patterns. You’re ready to explore what’s been holding you back and be supported by an expert to begin to peel back the layers. You’re done with thinking about it, worrying about it and being stuck. You may have previously been abandoning parts of yourself, denying yourself the safe space to work on yourself but now look, here you are! This is the level of self-awareness I relish in my clients. The ones who care about themselves enough to start researching and exploring possibilities.

Importantly, imagine looking back in six weeks from now when you’re well into your personal growth journey. Those negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours well in proportion, no longer affecting you and instead; growing the necessary abilities and resources to support the quality of life you aspire to have… becoming the version of yourself that you love, admire and respect a little more with each passing day.

Finally, all possibilities rest in your decision to prioritise and commit to yourself right now. No more putting it off. No more excuses, because you, after everything you have been through, deserve to live the highest quality of life. You have one life, it’s a gift, handle yourself with dignity and respect. Just as you would a close friend or someone you love dearly.

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