Guided Meditation will help you reset your anxious mind

What is Guided Meditation?

Meditation is creating mindful inner awareness.

Guided Meditation is when someone guides you through a Meditation. Unguided meditation is done with no outer voices or content. Some meditations use sound or music.

Guided Meditations can be curated for general well-being or targeted for specific outcomes.

Guided Meditations can be done in person, via an audio or video. It isn’t necessary to see the person guided you since you just need to hear their voice. You can be sitting or lying down, main thing is to be in a comfortable position.

It’s essential to find a teacher you can trust and relate to. Chemistry, tone and pace enrich the experience.

Begin by thinking about the outcome you desire, how do you want to think, feel or behave once completed.  Your intention maintains your focus although it’s normal for your mind to wander.

During a Guided Meditation, I’ll explain how to view the content of your mind, how to approach the exercises and get the best of the practice. You’ll experience calm and clarity. You’ll be encouraged to practice the meditation regularly until you’re able to integrate the calm and clarity into your everyday life.

How Guided Meditation creates a sense of connectedness and belonging?

Meditation is a spiritual (non-religious) practice enabling you to work with your mind. An opportunity to direct your mind to one subject, where you can ponder, focus or relax.  Here, you will find you’re better able to regulate your emotions and calm your thoughts. You’ll also improve your sense of being in the present moment which is a wholesome state of well-being and well-ness for the mind.

Meditation creates a sense of connectedness as well as affirming happiness and inner peace come from within us. You can achieve a deep sense of relaxation within 15-20 mins, the perfect reset button. With regular practice, you can expect improvements to the quality of your life.

Hi! I’m Roksana, a life coach for women in St Albans, Hertfordshire. I run face to face and online sessions via Zoom. I’m always happy to answer your questions around any of my methods or approaches. Long term changes begin with a guide who has walked a similar path, has a blueprint, will give you support and accountability every step of the way. If you’re interested to know more then please book a FREE call with me.

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