Episode 8

Mini Episode: Emma defines success and satisfaction in her work and personal life.

Episode Notes

Emma Hossack is owner, coach and mentor at Transforming Young Minds. Emma is a survivor of anxiety who placed immense pressure on herself from childhood to be a perfectionist. Emma beautifully shares how success and satisfaction mean loving what she does and working in a way that aligns with her core values.

Emma will return for an in-depth conversation sharing how anxiety had its firm grip during childhood and well into adulthood. Emma intentionally and proactively sought support. She left a successful corporate role, retrained and established Transforming Young Minds. Emma passionately made her mess her message and has gone onto change the trajectory of young people’s lives so they can live joyfully.

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[Roksana] My guest on today’s show is the founder of Transforming Young Minds. She’s a coach for kids, teens and adults. She is an anxiety survivor, party lover and a mum of two girls. Today she shares her personal journey with anxiety. Welcome Emma!

[Emma] Thank you, hi. Thanks for having me on.

[Roksana] I’ve been wanting to have you on for a long time so I’m glad we managed to make this time.

[Emma] Thank you. I’m glad to be on, I cant wait to share the journey I’ve been on.

[Roksana] Awesome. So, Emma, one of the things I ask all of my guests is how they’ve defined success and satisfaction in work and personal life.

[Emma] You know it’s really interesting, because I’ve spent my life, but I’m 41 in a few days, so I’ve had you know a career in corporate life. And I realise that I’ve been chasing the thing that wasn’t really important to me for so long, so how I now define success is through – the tangible stuff is I guess founding my company. I started three years ago and it really has gone from strength to strength. I have seen over 300 families, I’ve made differences to people’s lives, from children that wanted to- teenagers that wanted to take their own lives, that haven’t which is amazing, they’re still here and thriving, to, yeah, people that have been- or kids that have been maybe expelled and now succeeding, and families that have been quite broken and are now together. So those are the tangible things I can see, but the other stuff is just the absolute joy in my life and you know loving what you do, working towards the values that are core for you which we’ll talk about… that kind of not really feeling like I’m working, that feeling like I’m making a huge difference every single day, being excited whenever someone else sees what I do and it’s always really interesting… and that self-development that I think when you’re a coach, you’re always on and it just becomes what you do. So if ever I’m reading, I’m developing myself and I guess the other stuff is just that happy family life, my content children that see me but also are confident and resilient, which again just becomes part- you know, I do this for a roll, I do this for a daily, so I really do live and breathe what I do. So that you know, that would be success, in making a difference and I’m having a happy and contented life.

[Roksana] Ah, that’s amazing. And I draw so many parallels to your- to your journey. I think I’m about a year behind you, Emma. I’m about a year behind you, I completely feel all of those things. Especially when you were talking about growing to serve your clients better and every time I have a new client and they seem a bit challenging, I grow so much in that in that journey of serving them.

[Emma] Yeah, absolutely. When you serve others, you serve yourself, and your clients become part of you and I don’t know about you but I’m always thinking about my clients, always. You know I go to bed and I think about them, and I wake up and I think about them and how else- you know, what you can do that day to make a difference. That is amazing, isn’t it?

[Roksana] That is amazing. Thank you so much for that wonderful answer.