Episode 3

Mini Episode: Jagdish defines success and satisfaction in her work and personal life

Episode Notes

Jagdish Baghra is a fashion designer. For twenty long years didn’t think she had what it takes to chase her dream despite being qualified and holding a deep working knowledge of the industry. Jagdish defines success and satisfaction as realising she can have it all. Her limiting beliefs had kept her stuck and away from her passion.

Jagdish will return for an in-depth conversation sharing how she navigated ‘others’ beliefs to discover her own dreams. Jagdish grew up in a traditional Sikh family where the voices of her elders conflicted with her dreams and desires. It took an insightful conversation with a coach for Jagdish to leap into taking risks and realising her dreams.

You can find Jagdish at:

W: www.deesh-official.com

FB: @deesh

Insta: @deeshofficial


[Roksana] My guest on today’s show is a mum and creative entrepreneur in the fashion industry. For the longest time, and I mean around 20 years long. She didn’t think she had what it takes to launch her very own fashion label despite being qualified and despite supporting others in the fashion industry. She is here today to inspire and guide us all with her personal power journey. Welcome to the show Jagdish!

[Jagdish] Thank you so much Roksana, thank you for having me.

[Roksana] Welcome, welcome. So I ask all of my guests 1 big question, I’d love to know, Jagdish, how have you defined success and satisfaction in your work and personal life?

[Jagdish] Success to me it is if I’m able to have it all and I’m slowly realising that I would be able to have it all, as in work, be around the kids, and do something that I really enjoy and am passionate about, but also have a family have a success- I’m sorry, a successful marriage and children and be able to look after them in the way I want tom and bring them up in the way I want to. That’s something that I’m realising recently because before, I was in the kind of mindset that you can only have one or the other… so you can only have, for example, you can only have a successful career or you could have a successful family. That’s the mindset that I think I was conditioned to but I’m changing that. Success to me now is that I can have it all.

[Roksana] That’s amazing. So Jagdish, I’d love to know, on the days that you’re able to do the thing that you want to do… show up for your family, show up for yourself, whether that be looking after yourself by going to the gym or just doing work on your- on your business, how does satisfaction feel for you?

[Jagdish] Satisfaction, at the end of the day, I feel happy. I feel a lot happier that I’m able to spend time on something that I’m passionate about, that I’m doing something for myself… but also that I’m able to pick up the kids from school and drop them in the mornings. I’m able to do look after my body and mind which is very important to me as well, and so I’m able to go to the gym in the morning. After the gym I come back and I work on the business, and then when it’s time to pick them up from school I can do that, and I’m able to cook home cooked meal for them and spend time with them, maybe work a bit more on the business in the evenings and then also spend time with my husband… so at the end of the day I feel happy, I feel content, I feel satisfied that I’m working towards a goal, and my ultimate goal is to have it all. Have a successful business and a successful family I guess, and happy children.

[Roksana] That’s amazing. And no doubt you will, if you’re not already there, you will be there, as I can hear the determination in your voice.

[Jagdish] Thank you.

[Roksana] Thank you so much, that was a brilliant answer.