Episode 10

How to R.I.S.E to Success with founder of The Brain Boss, Patrice Lynn

Episode Notes

Join Roksana Hussein (Personal Power Boost) and Patrice Lynn as they talk about rising to success and commanding your brain. Patrice is an expert on personal and professional development who understands the secrets of the human mind that can release your hidden potential! She explains the science of putting focus on the things you want to do and how to use uncomfortable situations to shift your life to success. They also get into the benefits of journaling by hand in understanding yourself.

By the end of this episode, you will learn to visualize your ideal life, be clear on what that is, and focus on it to drive results. Stay tuned, and enjoy the podcast!

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About Patrice Lynn:

Would you like to learn alongside someone who really understands the challenges you face in life? Patrice Lynn is that person. She was born into a turbulent marriage and her parents divorced when Patrice was 2 years old. Just a few years later at 6 years old she and other children were abused by a neighborhood pedophile. Throughout life she suffered multiple brain injuries via bicycle, trampoline, and skiing accidents. At age 17 Patrice had a near death experience in ICU after a kidney removal surgery.

Because of the trauma she experienced early on in life, she developed a rare mental health condition, but did not know about this until decades later. In the meantime, she was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. Her mental challenges have impacted her relationally financially, and emotionally, and given her unlimited compassion for others who struggle with these same things.

Patrice discovered the path of personal and professional development just out of college and it literally altered the course of her life. Quickly she learned to take responsibility for her life, and be proactive to rise above her circumstances and create incredible results. Patrice has become an award-winning international Coach, worked with Fortune 100 companies, captured stages, empowered thousands of business owners and individuals, wrote a bestselling book, and entertained celebrities. She is a veteran in this exciting field and wants to share what she knows with you…so you can live your best life now!


[Roksana] My guest on today’s show is Patrice Lynn. Patrice has guided thousands to improve profit, performance and life fulfilment. Her breakthrough insights will empower your life and business for optimal results. She is the author of the best-selling book, ‘Rise To Success, and the founder of Brain Boss Academy. Welcome Patrice!

[Patrice] Hi thank you, it’s wonderful to be here Roksana.

[Roksana] It’s wonderful to have you. Now I’d love to know a little bit about the back story- so you have this amazing book, Rise To Success, tell us all about it.

[Patrice] Well it was really a work in progress for quite a while as a lot of things are in our lives, it takes time to come to fruition, evolve, and actually it was during the last recession, so 10 years ago when the big mortgage crisis hit, that was a really tough time for a lot of people, and me on another whole other level because not only was I doing business coaching at the time, working as part of an international team with action coach, and what happened is when the crisis hit I basically lost all my clients at once because that became the thing that was the extra thing that people didn’t want to spend their money on. And so what happened is not only was that enough to strike a lot of fear in your life, but during about a nine month period I had one crisis after another. So two of my 3 remaining parents died within two weeks of each other, my two step parents, then I had a terrible relationship breakup that was just heart breaking, and then I had a knee accident and two knee surgeries right after that, and then two minor car accidents so I was a mess.

[Roksana] I can imagine!

[Patrice] So yeah, so many things happened at one time, it was just overwhelming. And often what happens in these times of crisis, is we really have to go within and call on everything that we know all the strategies that we have to deal with these situations, and what happened for me was that in 2008, there was a book- I was in the airport flying to speak somewhere and this book called The Answer by John Assaraf kind of jumped off the shelf at me… and I read it and I was so impressed by the research he had done about the brain, coz I had already always been interested in the brain, and he talked about this daily imprinting and what it does neurologically in your brain and so when that happened that in 2010, I- my thoughts went back to that book and I reread it and I realised oh you know this is really a lot of the things that I’ve done over my career which is like positive thinking, goal setting, visualisation, affirmations, declarations, gratitude… and I realised that I was going to have to have a massive reset. I had bought a home, I had bought this business franchise, I had a luxury car, I had a lot of debt and I just thought okay I’m going to have to just sell everything, get out of debt, and have that freedom in my life to see what’s next. And that maybe what’s on the mind of some of the people that are listening right now is we we often have to do these resets in a time of crisis, in a time of big change in the economy… and so what happened is I put together this like daily journaling process where I started writing down my goals and I started visualising what I want and then I started using these declarations, like there was an ancient saying that I love. “I am the head and not the tail, I am above and not beneath, I will lend to many nations and I will not have to borrow.” And I would go down to the bridge close to where I lived, there was a beautiful River in this walking and biking bridge, and I would go there in the middle of the day and I’d stand on that bridge and I would say that over and over and over. Yell it as loud as I could and the waves of the River were so loud that nobody could really hear me, but I knew that when you say these kind of things if you do it with passion and authority and real energy that’s what helps it to programme your brain and for your brain to really get the message, okay this is what we’re doing. So I just went after it and I realised that there were other people popular in the personal development field like Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor and Laura Lang, right they were saying some of the same things… so I said OK this is what I’m going to do to get out of the situation and I did it and do you know, within a very short period of time I was totally out of debt, I had liquidated everything and then I just had so much freedom in my life, and then things started coming to me like big contracts, designing, training and different things started happening and it literally money just seemed like it started kind of falling out of the sky which was which is really nice. So I had a lot of freedom to like go hiking in the Rocky Mountains, and go to Sedona which is where I ended up writing a lot of my book, helping my mom who had a stroke and then had to transition to assisted living, and I was able to go to Ohio to be with her for like six months and take care of her in the crisis, then get the house sold get rid of everything and all of that so I really was like… wow this this is so effective if you really focus with your energy and intensity and duration, it really makes a difference. So I started thinking you know I need to bring this to people, but it wasn’t until a few years later like 2013/14 when the name came to me. And somebody said oh listen to this person, and they were talking about the same things, the repetition of your thoughts, and visualisation where you imagine the things that you say and how you feel your emotional state, and all of a sudden the words I saw the words like okay sound repetition imagination images emotion…. and then it was just kind of like ching ching ching ching went into this and I went oh it’s an acronym for rise! Reputation, imagination, sound, emotion, and then as soon as I kind of figured out then I was like oh rise to success, this is a way to help people rise to success and what I realised too… and I think it’s important for all your listeners to know, success is what you decide it’s going to be for you. So in my case the time freedom, the ability to travel, to be there for my mom… it’s not always about how much money you have what kind of house what kind of car, you get to decide what your version of success is and that is such a big important part, don’t you agree?

[Roksana] I absolutely agree. I’m listening to you smiling because I think one of the big things I say to my clients is this kind of this declaration that you talked about going to the River and just shouting out loud what it is that you intend to attract your life, and there’s a power in that I mean I don’t know enough about this but I feel like it changes something in your Physiology. It changes and shifts something and it and if nothing else I think it starts feeding your ego be evidenced that it needs to know that this person isn’t accessing that negative thinking anymore you know?

[Patrice] Yes well it’s all about energy vibration and frequency. So in my book and in my teachings I do I have this upcoming brainbuzz challenge, but I help people understand the laws of physics and the brain science. I help make it very simple for people to understand but in the laws of physics, it’s all about energy, vibration and frequency and so when you say something loud like that with energy and intensity it actually- your brain is hearing what you’re saying, so the sound has a frequency to it and when that goes out it actually can affect physical matter… and those are the kind of things we don’t think about like well, how could our words affect matter? But they can and so it’s really important to understand that, and that it is there’s physical laws that you’re working within that are causing those results to come about, and even in quantum physics like there’s three things that are the basics: quantum superposition, quantum entanglement, and quantum zeno effect, and so the quantum zeno effect is a mind over matter I mean they’ve been able to prove that, and then the superposition, that has to do with your ability to focus because in my story what you heard was that I decided what I want to do and I put all my focus on it and when you focus that intently, then it starts telling your brain and your brain has some things like one of them is called the reticular activating system, or some people call it RAS, and so it’s like whatever you focus on is what your brain is- you’re telling your brain that’s what we want. And one of those stories I like to tell about how that works is my girlfriend had come to visit me from in California from Spokane and she was telling me that she had a certain car it was some- yeah it was like a Ford, wasn’t an Explorer but I can’t remember the name of it now so unusual but it was an unusual name of this car, and she told me what it looked like and showed me a picture and as soon as she left, I started seeing those cars everywhere… because it was on my mind, I was focusing on it.

[Roksana] Why does that happen?

[Patrice] Well it’s the reticular activating system, or like let’s say think about when you but when you had a girlfriend or a boyfriend, you just met them and they had a particular kind of car, particular colour at everywhere you went you saw that car, that coloured car like theirs… that is because there’s a part of our brain that once you say okay this is important, and I’m going to focus on this, then it tells your brain this is what we’re doing this is what we want this is where we’re going, and that you can use that to your advantage, definitely.

[Roksana] What would you suggest for somebody who have an idea that they’d like to live a certain way they’d like to feel behave and thinking a certain way, but perhaps they they’re not quite ready, they’re not quite dedicated and not intentional about that, to kind of really focus in and zero in. How do you get people to make that shift in in the way that they go about manifesting or bringing in to their life whatever they desire?

[Patrice] That’s a great question and the basic answer is you can’t really get somebody to do something, they have to decide they want it. I can assist people once they decide and I can help them understand their thoughts and their feelings, how they impact each other, and what kind of thoughts we have that can be limiting, and how to think empowering thoughts, but you really can’t- I can’t force somebody get to that point because when that happened for me that moment in time where I just had to make a radical change in my life to be able to stay afloat and come out of it in a positive way, so I had internal motivation and that’s really the only type there is. I mean a lot of people in the space that I’m in, even Tony Robbins, I remember early in my career people would say they see me after not seeing me for a while and they’d say are you still doing that motivational speaking thing? And I’d be like well I’m really not have motivational speaker cause I was talking about time management, office organisation, the seven habits, but they saw me that way because of my energy my attitude was motivating to people like they say, I get around to you and then I go up and clean out my closet you know. But I’ve heard Tony Robbins say the same thing; I’m not a motivational speaker because the point from our perspective is you can’t really motivate anybody to do anything, you can’t force anybody to do anything, they have to find that inner place, that inner place of wanting to make a change and they have to be- one of the things that I love is the formula for change and their dissatisfaction with where they are in their life has to reach a high enough point that it overcomes their tendency to want to stay in their comfort zone, because if they’re in their comfort zone and they don’t want to get out, they are not going to be able to overcome. They have to have a level of dissatisfaction just like with me like I didn’t want to be in debt and have no income, so I was very dissatisfied with my situation and so I just took massive action to make a change. So people have to do have to find that from within and if they want to change, then I can help them but they really have to get to that place themselves.

[Roksana] I agree I agree with you and I think that you’re right. Some people do have to hit that point in their life where they cannot tolerate the situation there in any longer, but you know it’s amazing how some people’s tolerance for that uncomfortable space is quite vast. They can adjust to that space as well so they kind of you know you talk about debt and there’s so many other scenarios I can think of where people will just get kind of used to not having love or money or the career or the relationships and they kind of just make it OK, they accommodate somehow. It becomes part of their identity if you like, it I’m just not somebody who has money like it’s something you start think to themselves.

[Patrice] You’re absolutely right so that yeah being able to overcome, being able to have the vision for your life that’s big, and then you have to be able to take them steps to make it happen but your dissatisfaction has to be high and then you have to be able to overcome whatever resistance internally is going on that because there is a strong power that wants to keep us in our comfort zone. Even our brain is designed to keep us safe and secure and so the part about me calling myself brain boss and helping other people be the boss of their brain it’s really about how when your brain is on default, it actually is naturally more negative, and that’s it’s really unfortunate so we have to programme ourselves to think positive thoughts, and be able to create positive thoughts that will override the negative ones and get us to where we want to go. It’s quite fascinating this whole human psychology area.

[Roksana] I know I love it I’m obsessed with psychology, and I think if I if I could have some time when the kids are a bit older I think I’ll definitely go and study some more and learn more coz I’m really interested. I’ve been reading Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book recently.

[Patrice] Oh, I love him!

[Roksana] He’s blown my mind, it’s just the case studies that he has in that book that talk about the effect of emotional events and how it completely can transform your Physiology inside.

[Patrice] Absolutely yeah.

[Roksana] People become debilitated and disabled and unable to function in a normal way, but then how he is able to get them back out of that through meditation, visualisation, declarations, it’s phenomenal it really is.

[Patrice] I got to meet him and go to one of his events. I’ve been to two of his events and I actually wrote a story about how I use the rise to success process to meet him, to get my picture taken, ask him a question, all these things, and it was at the Sedona Film Festival… and then the next weekend he was in Vegas doing one of his four day meditation programmes and transformation programmes, so I went and I was just amazed and I’ve learned so much from him to like for instance that our thoughts are electric. And so in my book I talk about our thoughts are literally only made up of electricity and chemicals, that’s it that’s what makes the thought. And so when you think about it that level but the idea that are when you have a certain thought it produces chemicals in your body and then those chemicals, if it’s a positive thought and you’re producing dopamine and serotonin, then it’s going to help you to feel better. So your thoughts determine how you feel, and then how you feel determines how you think, so if you get undo the stress like a lot of people with the coronavirus it’s very stressful there’s fear there’s anxiety, am I going to get it, am I going to live through it and then things like what’s going to happen with my work my career there’s a lot of people lost their jobs are they going to get it back what’s going to happen and then the more stress you have the more cortisol gets released in your body and that causes you to feel bad it dumps down your brain it suppresses your immune system, so all kinds of negative things happen when you get that cycle going and the thing I learnt from him that I thought was amazing is the idea of things being electromagnetic. So he said your brain and your thoughts are electrical, but your body is magnetic, so you send the thought out and then your body draws it into you, and I had never heard that from anyone else so, and you know everything in the world is electromagnetic. I mean that’s all this talk about EMF, that’s electromagnetic field and cause we live in electromagnetic field everything around us you know protons electrons all these things we learned in science class, that’s what makes up everything and so the fact that we can become aware that our thoughts are electric, our feelings are magnetic and that we can get a positive cycle going, I mean that’s just very practical understanding for people to have about their life and then what he does is help people get their brain and their heart synchronised in this meditative state. Now I love his work and I’ve learned a tonne from him and yet his meditations, if you’ve ever done any are anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours, I mean when you go to his events you can be in a meditation for literally for hours, which is incredible I went I went- you know what I couldn’t believe is he got us all into this meditation and I mean for a few hours, not one person got up to go to the bathroom, not one person coughed, sneezed, there was not one sound in the room, and it shows you that that collective consciousness and the fact that we were all tuned in and getting to those higher levels of consciousness. It was amazing thing to behold and yet I find that he has quite a following and its growing as it should be, but the average person I I don’t know is willing to spend this 45 minutes to two hours everyday, and so that’s why when I created my rise to success, journaling processes, daily process it’s only 15 minutes. And that I feel like no matter how busy anyone is, we all have 15 minutes.

[Roksana] If you haven’t got 15 minutes, then you haven’t got a life really.

[Patrice] Exactly.

[Roksana] What’s really interesting, you talk about journaling, because I started journaling when I was very, very young. I watched Doctor Phil on the Oprah Winfrey show, he was saying- you know he’s quite a shouty character, so he was saying that if you don’t write it down, then it will never materialise, and I remember just starting to write down some thoughts, I was going through teenage angst as we all do, and it just helped me to become much clearer in my thoughts to write them down to actually release them as well. I attribute to journaling to my emotional literacy, because had I have not started journaling, I would never- I would have been limited to, I feel angry, sad, happy you know like four or five basic emotions that we think about. But because they never quite made the point they were never quite specific enough it made me go and find the right emotion that I’m actually looking for, actually I feel rejected, actually I feel I feel jealous right now… I feel you know other emotions that I started to kind of use and think and it made it much more other when it was pain it made it much more painful. I wanted to shift myself into a happier joyful receiving state, and then I could get specific about what it is that I want to feel.

[Patrice] Yes that’s so good because you really do have to feel whatever emotion your feeling, and kind of process it and journaling is such a great way to process it. That’s so good, yeah that is so good. I also think it helps you become a better writer, because of your Journal, your writing and then there’s something about that process when I first came up with the rise process, I’ve always liked to write just like we’re saying, if you if you Journal, you’re a writer, and then I thought well gosh in the age and day that we live in who’s going to want to write it by hand? Everybody wants to do it on their cell phone, it’s going to have to be an app, and I kind of got into this whole thing and part of that I talked myself out of it cause I’m like God, I don’t really want to do that. Then I heard some other teaching about the power of writing things by hand, like they actually did a study of like administrative assistant people, and they took one group and they gave them all these things to do and they had to write it out by hand, and then they took another group and everything they did they typed on the computer, and then they did some studies on how well they remembered everything they were supposed to do, what they’re being asked to do and the people that wrote it by hand far and away surpassed the people that typed it, and then I went OK. And then the idea that also when you write by hand it there’s you’re using your body so it’s kinaesthetic, you’re seeing it visually, it’s auditory, there’s all this neuromuscular thing that goes on between your hand and your brain and it’s very powerful. So then I went okay, I can do- I can you know I can feel good about promoting this because it’s going to help people and even the idea of writing with blue ink- have you heard about that yet?

[Roksana] No, tell me.

[Patrice] So you write with blue ink instead of black ink on the white paper, and if you think about the electromagnetic spectrum of light, blue is the higher vibration colour than black, and so when you write things in blue ink like when you write out your goals and your visualisations with blue ink, it actually programmes your brain better than if it were black. That’s why I tell people to use blue ink on white paper yeah, so writing is very very powerful and it does programme your brain, you’re right. It makes it seem more real and it’s like one step closer to physically manifesting it by writing it.

[Roksana] And if you’ve got a photographic memory I guess writing it is brilliant because you’re going to remember the curves of your letters, and your letters and the shape that you created on the sheet so I can often remember things I’ve written, and I can see them with my photographic memory. I was massively into poetry as well and I used to write little poems and I can still see them as I’m even talking to you now I can see the words.

[Patrice] Isn’t that amazing? Yeah, see so all of this really it proves what we’re saying the power of this journaling and so my rise to success journal is just a very specific process. So you do things to get your brain wave state lower, meditation, breathing, prayer it calms your brain wave state, then you write out just three goals… and there’s a lot of things to know about that they could be general, specific, and then you write out a little mini movie like all like a little mini screenplay of what you want in the future and then you close your eyes and you visualise it for two minutes which doesn’t sound like a long time, but to get your brain to focus for two minutes on one thing and not let any other distracting thoughts come in, that takes practise. So you visualise what you want but you then have to make it sensually rich. So what does it taste like smell touch most important is feeling so you have to feel what it would feel like as if it were happening now, and that’s what really starts to set up because your brain doesn’t really know the difference between what it sees with its eyes and what it sees in its mind’s eyes, what I called the image screen. So there’s like an image screen in your mind and you can project a little movie onto that image screen like you’re a movie producer you’re creating this movie of your life, and you can start saying the things that you want to have happened. Like when I went to this Film Festival, I saw that Joe’s event- his small event was sold out after when I found out about it it was already sold out, and I just made up my mind I’m going to that sold out event, I’m getting in, I’m gonna be here get my picture taken without asking a question and so it was between the smaller than the other, but I everything and you know I took this rise Journal process and I only did it for four days, but I did it so intently and so specifically that four days later every single thing that I decided I wanted came true… and let me tell you you know how big of a celebrity is in this field and he was very unavailable to people but I you know I figured out how to do it. And then afterwards I was like Patrice, I bet- I mean there were over 1000 people at the big event that was a movie he- that he and a lot of people were in, it was the premiere of that movie and I thought to myself afterwards I bet there were a lot of people that would have liked to get their picture taken, talk to him, ask him a question, go to his event, but they didn’t do what I did. They didn’t put a focused effort into seeing it come to reality, deciding exactly what I wanted to have happened and the part where I got my picture taken is really cute because the bigger- the smaller event, I mean the second that was over he just bolted out of the room and it was the bigger event where I got my picture taken. I went up to the stage and he was talking to the producers, I’m like Joe, he’s like hold on hold on, and then he kind of after he gets done he looks at me and he’s like what I said can I get my picture taken with you and he goes you mean you want me to walk to the edge of the stage cause it was like about up to my shoulder and Crouch down so we can get our picture taken together and I was like yes exactly, because okay? So it was just so much fun and then even the fact that this event was sold out and I had to wait this line but I kept visualising myself in there, I knew it was going to happen I they even wanted us to pay cash at the ticket window which I didn’t have I had to borrow the cash from the people behind me, and then I walked into this room packed with people and I said to this lady, ‘coz sometimes when you come late and you’re by yourself you can get a seat up front and I said there any seats up front and she goes oh as a matter of fact there are and so we walked down this aisle there were all these people just packed in these chairs, I mean it was a lot of people in a very small room, but at the very front where he was going to stand there were these four or five chairs perpendicular to the other seats it almost looked like they were used for a panel or something and so nobody sat in them, and she goes you can sit right over here and I was like, I got a front row seat! And I was like the last one of the last people to come in and then some other people came in and sat with me and they’re like Oh my gosh, we got the best seats, I’m like I know. So you know those are the things that make life I think fun and interesting, when you really intently know what you want and then when it comes and kind of almost a magical way, it’s really fun.

[Roksana] It’s amazing and you know I don’t need any convincing of this because I was doing this kind of thing before I even knew how to. So I was telling you a while ago that I was journaling when I was younger, and I live in a very urban area and so for us to be in the green meant we had to drive for 15 minutes to be in a park, but my happiest childhood memories were in the park, in nature, running around, cycling, and so I when I got to about the age of 20 I decided- I wrote down in my Journal and forgot all about it, that I want to live really close to a park. Walking distance close. And it was so interesting when I married my husband we moved to London, we were living about I want to say 7 minute walk to Greenwich Park, which is a stunning park in London, and then we moved out of London remove to Saint Albans in Hertfordshire where I’m living right now, and I didn’t really realise this until about six months after I had moved into the house that we bought …that we actually live in an area called Highfield Park and we were surrounded by Parkland all around us, kind of like a residential area that people put in the middle of the park.

[Patrice] Wow yeah see the power of visualisation? And getting clear about what you want coz see, I actually think that’s one of the main problems that people have is there not very clear about what they want and so they just kind of wander through life, and whatever comes along they accept it and where I’ve seen the greatest results in my life is when I get super clear and focused about what exactly I want, so that’s how it really works the best. And you know I created this this Journal pages it’s the thing that I give away for free, so I’ve got this upcoming brain boss challenge but if you if you go to that page brainbosschallenge.com and you just sign up even if you don’t want to take the challenge or do other things but everybody that email I sent him that Journal page, so that’s a way that people can get it and then you can put it in a notebook and then you can just start using that Journal. It kind of has the descriptions there but then I also have other products and things where I I have the guided audio… I actually use it myself because when I go to do the two minutes, I don’t you don’t want to have to think about when is the two minutes going to be up so I just created this little guided audio, and then I can listen to that and it just kind of keeps you on track and then at the end it just says “complete”.

[Roksana] So you listen to the guided meditation before you do the journaling or at the same time?

[Patrice] At the same time, at the same time. So I have like a- I have something that describes the rise process then I have another audio that walks you through the process step by step, so you only really have to listen to that once or twice to get the hang of it, then I have a two minute breathing audio so it’s literally – really in two minutes of deep breathing where you focus on your breath so it’s really it’s just called mindfulness breathing and you’re just you just pay attention to your breath that will actually calm your brain wave state then you write out your goals but then when you do the visualisation part, it’s for two minutes and I just have a two minute guided audio that guides you through that visualisation where I don’t say a lot because you want people- but I’ll just say like see it feel it I’ll just kind of say enough to help people stay on track for the two minutes, so that’s what I mean you – that’s part of the 15 minute process you just do that. You have to write out your little mini movie of what you want to happen in your life and then you do that you can listen to that audio.

[Roksana] I think that would be brilliant for so many people because a lot of people struggle with a blank sheet. They don’t know where to start like, you’ve never sat down and thought about your perfect day or your vision or a full thought about anything like that then where do you even start like what you know prioritise. Just that process of pulling out where you want to start can put people off and make them think, oh this isn’t for me, this is too hard, I’m not creative, or they start making up new stories about themselves.

[Patrice] Yes that’s- that happens all the time. So really when the sound part of rise to success it is exactly that like what’s the story, what’s the self talk you have inside your head, what are the stories you’re saying out loud to other people… and you know just that so the sound declarations is a lot about the story. The story you’re saying internally and then the story- the words that you’re saying externally as well.

[Roksana] Where can people find your book?

[Patrice] The book is on Amazon, so you just go to Amazon, Rise To Success, and then brainbosschallenge.com is where I’m doing just a really- it’s only $19.00, it’s five days of me teaching people, going into more depth about all this, and then asking questions- people ask questions and I’ll probably do- I’ll do some coaching too around your thoughts and your feelings, and that would be like an immersive thing that they can do so they can go to brainbosschallenge.com. The next one is going to be May 11th and then I’ll do them probably like once a month, something like that, so but like I said then they can get that Journal sheet as well so those are all the resources that are there.

[Roksana] That sounds fantastic, sounds amazing and I know my listeners will be really interested to snap up your kind offers and get your book I mean I’ve read a little bit of your book and I can’t I can’t speak highly enough of. It’s the easiest to read book I’ve read in such a long time and I was saying to Patrice before we came on the call that it’s the kind of book I could give my 8 year old daughter and know that she’d be able to understand the concepts and apply them. There’s no excuse, really.

[Patrice] That’s great, and not everybody is a reader, so for people who don’t like to read, the book is good then the brain boss challenge is very good for people that maybe like more of an experience and they just want to do a focused study, but live with me, and So what I do is I just pull out the key things that I talk about the book, but you’re right the book goes into a lot more detail and I’m working on getting an audio version cause I know some peoply… they like lot of people now like the audio right I need to get that I need to get that one going. Yeah so it’s been really fun to chat with you about it, I appreciate the opportunity and it’s been fun to know that 10 years ago I had an experience that was really traumatic, and I used these principles to come out of it and now here we are 10 years later, and I’ve just really now- coz my book only came out 2018, it took quite a while to research and write, and then I’m just now putting together some online ways of people experiencing this and so it really does make me feel very happy to know that because I went through a challenging time, and I know now many people are going through a similar challenging time, but I came up with this process to rise above it and rise to success and that’s what I like to say. You need to become the boss of your brain. You need to understand the power- the secret power of your brain, because our brains are so powerful and once we learn to programme them, become the boss of them, and then we are able to use that to rise to success, it all weaves together so I really hope it will help your listeners.

[Roksana] That’s so inspirational, Patrice, so you made your mess your message and now you’re sharing that gift with many many people. Thank you so much for your time today.

[Patrice] You’re welcome, it was my pleasure thank you for having me I love it.

[Roksana] Thank you, take care..