Roksana Hussein Transformation Coach
Transformational Coach
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Any questions?

How are your programmes different from counselling or other therapies?

The programmes are designed for solution-focused outcomes. You will experience a number of shifts in your state, which will compound and give you an ultimate Transformation. There will be some talking (obviously!) but you can expect each session to pack a punch. Prepare to answer tough questions, reach the heart of life long issues and find your why. We will visualise, run 1:1 workshops, unpack you, review literature, watch videos, practice proven techniques and build armour of personalised tools!

How do I select the right programme?

I’m sure you have a hunch but just in case you’re undecided, fill out the online forms when booking your call and I’ll guide you over a call.

Who are your programmes aimed at?

Well just about any one. Are you motivated? Are you committed? Is now the right time for you to start living the life you desire? If you answer yes then sign up, let’s do this!

Parents or guardians, my programmes are ideal for young adults who need a boost in self-belief and confidence. Give your precious being the gift of clarity, motivation and focus. I can teach them strategies to make smart decisions independently and to be the masters of their own destiny.

None of the programmes feel right but I really want to work on a Transformation with you.

That’s perfectly fine! Just email me at with your thoughts and we’ll take it from there.

What if I need to change the start date of the programme?

Programmes will be scheduled at a convenient date and time to suit depending on your level of urgency. A booking confirmation will secure the programme start date. All programmes require an advance payment to secure a start date. The earliest available slot will always be offered as a first option.

To change the start date for a confirmed booking of a programme please provide 14 days notice where possible

If you wish to change a booked session I will require 48 hours notice.


What time are face-to-face sessions held?

Tuesday 13:00-20:00
Friday 09.30 – 15.00
Saturday 09:30 – 17:00

Sessions via Zoom can be scheduled during these days and times as well as alternative times.

How long is a typical session?

A session time will vary from 60-90 minutes. The precise time for each session will be clear when booking onto a programme. 

Where are sessions held?

Sessions are available online via Zoom and Face to Face. My office is based in central St. Albans, a few minutes walk from the train station and also offers plenty of parking.

Can I cancel the programme at any time?

The short answer is yes. I would obviously like to understand your reason for doing so. I totally understand how life can get super full or the chemistry may not feel right. We’re all human! A refund of remaining sessions will be made as long as it is 48 hours before your next session. Refunds will be made with the same payment method.

I have completed one of your programmes and now I want to work on another area of my life.

Perfect! A cause for celebration, you have momentum! You should have all the tools and techniques you need to get started alone. However, if you want to book a session with me my door will always be open for one off session to past clients. Email me at