Episode 4

Mini Episode: Yasmin defines success and satisfaction in her work and personal life

Episode Notes

Yasmin Vorajee is a Coach and best-selling author of Tiny Time Big Results. Yasmin lives on a farm with her young family in Ireland. Yasmin defines success and satisfaction by feelings of peace and contentment.

Yasmin of Tiny Time Big Results will return for an in-depth conversation sharing how resisting her parents’ cultural beliefs about girls shaped her to become a little fighter early on! Like many of us, she fell into a corporate career but it didn’t fulfil her in the way her own coaching practice does now. She shares how she made the transition and how satisfying it is to be available for her young family.

You can find out more about Yasmin at:

Website: https://www.yasminvorajee.com


[Roksana] My guest on today’s show is a Yasmin Voraji. She is the founder and author of the Tiny Time, Big Results programme. A programme that aims to support people to live a life that works around their families. Yasmin is a mum to three children and today she shared a snippet of her journey. Welcome Yasmin, how are you today?

[Yasmin] I’m great thank you Roksana, how are you?

[Roksana] I’m very well, I’m very well. So, Yasmin I have one question I ask all of my guests, and that is how have you defined success and satisfaction in both your work and personal life?

[Yasmin] It’s the feeling that I get. I don’t measure it by the amount of money that I have, I did used to you know, I wouldn’t normally sit there listing all my achievements. For me it’s very much about the feeling that is within me, so when I look around and I just have that beautiful sense of contentment and peace, that for me is success.

[Roksana] Contentment and peace, that’s amazing. So how does- how do you know that you’re feeling that? Is there a calm? What happens for you emotionally?

[Yasmin] I think there’s definitely a sense of calm, but there’s also this joy it feels like it’s bubbling around in me. It’s almost like a fizzing feeling and it could just be as simple as sitting in my armchair in the kitchen when everyone is asleep in the house, and I’m having my cup of tea and reading my book and just looking around and thinking… yeah this is great. Not looking at like, oh my God, the house is a mess, I’ve got three kids under 9, of course is always going to be you know, a little bit untidy, or a lot untidy. But it’s that sense of ever- all is well. All is good.

[Roksana] So what have you done to create that? What have you had to put into place to create that?

[Yasmin] I think for me, I’ve always been very mindful of what I’m doing, but maybe not to the point where I am now you know sometimes I’m like my harshest critic and I’m sure people can relate to that, that you think… God if I only I knew then what I know now, and you know I would’ve done things so differently, but I think there was always the sense within me that, you know, what I wanted. I wanted to have my family and wanted to have kids, I wanted to be doing work that I really enjoyed and loved and being of service. So whilst I didn’t have specifics in mind, like I certainly didn’t think I’d end up in rural Ireland married to a farmer, that was never part of the plan, but that’s what I have now. But I think when you have the idea and the sense of I want to be… you know I want to have a loving home, I want to be doing work that I love and that carries you. You don’t get drawn into the specifics, you just think I wonder how this is going to happen? And you know we just- you know life happens, you just… I mean I remember you know graduating from York University, I did a degree in Sociology and Politics and remember graduating on a Thursday, and on the Monday I started a temporary summer job which then led to a 12 year career in corporate. So that temporary summer jobs didn’t quite turnout the way I thought it would.

[Roksana] Not quite so temporary.

[Yasmin] Exactly, and you know I didn’t plan it to be so defined, because I don’t think anybody could plan that but I think it’s always the sense in my head like, I want to having a loving family, a loving home, work that’s really you know, fulfilling and rewarding. Those are the things I think that guide you as you’re making your decisions in everyday life.

[Roksana] Yeah absolutely, absolutely. Lovely, thank you.