Episode 25

PPB 25: How Guided Meditations can Ease You into a State of Acceptance and Connectedness

Episode Notes

In this episode, I talk about the role targeted guided meditations have made to release blocked energy and improve my inner peace.

Better sleep, sharper focus and contentment are within reach when you’re intentional and clear on wanting those in life. Everyone has 20 minutes a day. Everyone daydreams during the day and let’s face it, your thoughts don’t necessarily take you to a wholesome place.

Why not direct your thoughts to ease yourself into the Alpha brain wave with targeted guided mediations?

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Hello, where have I been? For those of you who are avid listeners of Personal Power Boost, you’ll know it’s been a while since I released a new podcast episode and with that said, I would like to apologise now.

I would love to say that my absence is due to living my best life but the truth is far from that. There have been highlights of course, our week in Wales was the perfect get-away. We managed to have the 29 degree weather every single day while we were in Wales which was amazing but mainly though I’ve been taking care of my only parents with complex health needs and for those of you who are in a similar situation to me, who are sort of in your 40s and 50s or or around that sort of age group and you’ve got young children and elderly parents it is a really challenging time isn’t it?

Nobody prepared me for this and I’ve been swamped. And so the podcast had taken a slight derailment but here I am remedying that here and now!

Also, there has been a development in my own journey, actually it’s a seismic development and I’ll go into that another time but in a nutshell the universe finally aligned for me to be able to admit to people, to my nearest and dearest about the abuse I suffered as a child and to be able to name my abuser to them without worry about not being believed because that was one of the reasons why I held back all my life.

And I have to tell you something really positive the response has been overwhelming after the initial shock from my family and my nearest friends, after they got over the shock of everything, they have seriously cocooned me and showered me with love and understanding and it hasn’t been plain sailing, there’s been a lot of turbulence around this, there’s been a lot to wrap my head around. Mainly I’m pleased to say that I’m feeling release and peace and the work that I do to heal myself, it just feels so much more deeper and more effective in some way that I can’t put my finger on right now you know because I’m still in the process so allow me a few months and then I’ll share my journey with you in a way where I share what I’m doing and how I manage myself so hopefully in some way my experience will help you navigate your own journey.

Right! So, as you know I’m a huge advocate of mindset tools especially ones that require the least amount of effort and come with really bonus side benefits such as being able to just switch off for a while or just be able to reduce the intensity of life. Do you ever imagine a dial, like a volume button dial, I often imagine this when things have got really intense in my life and then I just want to be able to turn that dial from like 8 or 9 right round till zero or one?

This is what mindset tools enable me to do and today in particular I want to talk about the role guided meditation has played in my life and when it came to guided meditations what I noticed was that there was no inner resistance from me, I loved making time for it, I enjoyed the build up like the planning of when and where I’ll meditate and the actual listening part, I never felt like I don’t like this I want this to be over it just felt lovely, I loved that time, I loved being guided I especially looked forward to the feeling afterwards like feeling wonderful afterwards and that’s what I want to talk about next. The feeling during and afterwards, guided meditations have enabled me to enter into and access an inner calmness not just during meditating but whenever I need it whether it is later in the day the next day whenever it might be and what I love nowadays is that I can enter this state within seconds.

I rarely ever get angry about anything I rarely see a big sway in my emotions sort of going from feeling balanced to feeling overwhelmed and angry or fearful, those sorts of high intensity charged emotions I rarely get to those. The worries of the world or the difficulties I’m wading through they just don’t affect me for prolonged periods of time anymore I find that within minutes I can re-calibrate and become objective again. I can detach and avoid a big sway in emotions which is so liberating.

You see I realised that intensity of issues in my life was simply down to how much I indulged in my thoughts. Does that make sense? So there’s always issues in my life but the intensity of those issues was down to how much I indulged in my thoughts the longer I analysed the situation the sort of, he said, she said, he did, she did or whatever it might be the further I plunged into the darkness I would spiral and then the longer it took me to come back to safer shores, to come back to a balance in my life. So it was about six months into my journey with guided meditations, I’m always really enjoying the benefits and really feeling good about meditation and that’s when I sort of decided I was going to do a little bit of research around it before I thought is this real or having some sort of placebo effect on me or is this a real thing that I’m actually reaping the benefits of meditation.

There are so many proven benefits of guided meditation so for example you know the most commonly known benefits is that meditation reduces stress and improves your sense of well-being and this is partly the gateway so most people come into meditation of some form because they want to reduce stress and improve their sense of being.  And now I have to say this was the case for me as well that’s why I started but I’m going to tell you a little bit about what it’s done for me that might not be that well documented.  For me the biggest thing I notice was how I felt a deeper level of connectedness, connecting with myself with my inner circle, with my family, my friends, my close companions and an inner connected. This is where it gets a little bit woohoo okay! Please hear me out! I feel connected with the energy forms surrounding me when I say energy forms, I’m talking about nature. I’ve always been a big lover of trees and when I’m in nature and when I’m hearing the birds and seeing the squirrels and other peoples dogs, we don’t have one, I just feel serenity, I feel a connectedness, of synergy if you like. It’s really hard to put my finger on it but almost as though everything that’s happening out there is happening for me, like it’s my playground and that just feels wonderful.

And I have to tell you something else you know as a child I yearned to feel a sense of belonging, it’s one of the things that I will talk about a lot and have talked about a lot, is this sort of feeling like an outcast or a misfit and what’s wonderful now is that here I am years later able to create that sense of belonging within myself without needing others to make it happen for me and not so liberating and you know it’s liberating but it also confirms something but all the answers that I seek the emotional voids that lay within me I can meet myself the guided meditation enables me to self soothe in those moments of imbalance full turbulence or crisis in my life and not right there is why it’s my number one go-to too.

The other benefit of meditation was that I became much better at making decisions. I trusted myself more partly because I grew my own self-respect but mainly because I knew intuitively or I could sense when things were meant for me or not meant for me in my everyday life. I’m much more fluid meaning that I don’t over analyse all facts and research things to the nth degree anymore I go more with what I sense and when I desire something I sit with a particular outcome I try to sense how I feel on the inside with that outcome and in that moment I also look for resistance, am I meeting any resistance here? I used to feel a need to cling onto relationships or things that I felt I needed that were part of my identity or where I’d worked hard to attain something that I needed to keep it as part of my life, it’s part of my identity but nowadays I look for the life lesson in everything and I let go as soon as I notice resistance, It’s liberating.

Guided meditation has become a tool but even if I skip it for a few days or a week or I just don’t want to or have got the time to, I’m actually able to create feelings of balance in a moment. I simply close my eyes I breathe in I breathe out and my shoulders drop and then I can feel myself kind of almost like I’m physically moving into this state of inner peace. Now there’s a lot of research around guided meditation, there’s extensive research around guided meditation people like doctor Joe dispenser have helped a lot of people with chronic conditions to make radical improvements in their health.

I would say more than anything, our intention matters and let me explain what I mean by that.  Some of my clients sense this inner resistance when it comes to guided meditation or a other tools that I introduce them to; but with guided meditation when you find yourself sensing some sort of inner resistance, like all this feels hard or I can’t sit still or my mind is wondering let me talk you through what I do to see if that might help you so here’s what I do before I begin a guided meditation.

I do two things firstly I become intentional if I’m about to meditate I want to be clear with myself on how I would like to feel during or afterwards and this really helps me to ground myself and connect with my intention for that moment. Secondly I cheque in with myself using the scale of discomfort 0 means I’m feeling wonderful in every way if I do a guided meditation right now I’m just going to be like floating in the clouds which is awesome right where as a nine or ten on the scale of discomfort means I’m in a lot of emotional discomfort right now.

Let me share a personal win with you after years of practise I’m now able to select a number on the scale of discomfort and deliberately not identify with my thoughts meaning that I have to justify to myself why I’ve scored a seven rather than a nine I trust my intuition and choose deliberately not to identify with any logical or illogical thought patterns because you know our minds are crazy, they’re busy and they want to always try to create a logical understanding or rationale or basically what they’re doing is trying to confirm your biases. But if you are able to get to a point where you can just say look at the score and be like “I don’t really care” why but know that number comes to me that’s what I’m sensing then go with it. This didn’t happen for me overnight so don’t worry if you catch yourself trying to make sense of the score you get. I would just say that in time you want to be looking to just accept whatever comes to you.

If you’re interested in guided meditations then I have something for you and that is partly the purpose of this episode today. You can download five free guided meditations curated for specific outcomes so first up there is a body scan meditation to ease yourself in an out of everyday meaning you can use it in the morning when you wake up or at the end of the day to help you settle into a restful nigh.

Secondly there is a gratitude meditation which I believe is the fertile soil to create even more to be grateful for.

Thirdly visualise your perfect day with a guided meditation guaranteed to get enthusiastic and excited about possibilities.

The fourth guided meditation will help you create a sense of belonging and the fifth meditation called all is well is designed for turbulent times or uncertain times in your life. You will to be able to access all five right now you can download these by going to coachroksana.com/free dash meditations that coachroksana.com/three dash meditations and the link will also be in the show notes and you can just download those and have a listen you can play around with the ones that you want to listen to daily the ones that you want to do it once a week or once a month but just find your happy medium find something that works for you and today’s episode was all about being of service and delivering something to my avid listeners and I know that I haven’t been around for you much lately but here I am hopefully giving you something that you can use in your life to create harmony and balance let me know how you get on and I’ll be back very soon.