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Kind Words

Don’t take my word for it…



A traumatic experience had been affecting me badly for a few years. Roksana made sure I felt relaxed and comfortable with her immediately.

After just one session the negative feelings of the traumatic experience have been eliminated. I do remember the traumatic event but the painful feelings have gone, the hurt has gone. I honestly couldn't believe that something which has affected me for so long has disappeared so quickly. Not only that but she also gave me tools to use in other situations where I find myself stressed or anxious. Roksana is a professional, warm and welcoming practitioner. I would highly recommend her.

Ayesha, Manchester UK

I came to Roksana to help improve my self confidence, become more outgoing and talkative. I had been shy my entire life, unable to speak up and be assertive. This had held me back in my career progress.

The programme was concise and eye opening, we initially explored my fears around socialising. I had never spoken out loud and didn't really have a handle on the fears. Roksana made me feel so comfortable and I quickly realised the fears were normal and a little silly. These fears had been holding me back all these years! We created a detailed strategy to eliminate or reduce the power of each fear whenever they crept up on me which I found a useful tool that I kept coming back to. Roksana coached me to create the strategy, the ideas were all mine and I felt empowered.

Haseeb, Analyst Investment Bank London

Roksana is great to work with - she's naturally calm and confident which instantly put me at ease and really helped me to relax into Hypnotherapy. I felt I had known her for years and would really recommend her to others.

Carly, Associate Director. London UK

I had the pleasure of working with Roksana Hussein and found her professional, highly skilled and extremely knowledgable.

The clinical hypnotherapy she used with me was hugely beneficial and incredibly powerful. I have been hypnotised in the past by other hypnotherapists but I have to say the session facilitated by Roksana was one of the best i've experienced. I would thoroughly recommend her.

Mark Shields, CEO at Life Practice

Since the Breakthrough Programme and giving up smoking, i’ve been feeling confident in all aspects of my life!

I’ve been successfully using the techniques you shared to control any cravings. I no longer find smoke appealing. The overall process has been a very smooth transition as well as enlightening. It’s allowed me to understand much more about my myself and my abilities. I’m feeling fitter and healthier. Thank you so much!

Imran Majid, St Albans