What Are the Traits of An Empowered Woman?

It’s impossible for an empowered woman to go unnoticed. Empowered women usually exude a certain magnetism. When they walk into a space, their energy is felt, and their presence is noticed.

When she speaks, without a doubt, she has elevated self-esteem. She is unapologetic. She validates and approves of herself. She regulates her own emotions and is continuously seeking ways to enhance her capability to do so. She exercises her freedom to say and do whatever her heart desires.

Other people’s opinions don’t affect her negatively or positively. She knows her worth and receives compliments well. Unless opinions are from her inner circle, select people she values, and keeps around for critical appraisal. For her growth.


An empowered woman is confident in who she is, what she does and how she thinks. She can rely on herself to bring the best of herself to all situations. She is as confident in her area of expertise, as she is, with knowledge gaps. She makes no apology for her gaps and accepts herself completely. Her confidence enables her to be herself, without needing to hide behind a persona. Confidence enables her to be realistic about her energy, time and generosity. She rarely overextends herself to please others, instead she manoeuvres through life at a pace where she generates energy.


An empowered woman courageously steps into new situations and opportunities. She is one of those people, who ‘feels the fear and does it nonetheless’. Her courage to be herself, to advocate for herself often extends to those around her. She isn’t afraid to lead change within her family, community or workplace. She inspires people to be themselves, to accept themselves and to recognise their own superpower. Her courage takes her out of her comfort zone, she dares to take risks by stepping into ambitious roles and unknown territories.  She isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo.

“When women support each other, incredible things happen.”



An empowered woman will be unapologetically herself. She continuously evolves her mindset. Defines and lives true to her values. She knows when an opportunity, situation or relationship is misaligned with her values and is skilled at being able to disengage from such opportunities. She is not easily influenced and cannot be manipulated by others.


An empowered woman seeks adventure in many areas of her life. She is able to connect with the awesomeness of life all around her. She is curious about many topics and subjects and enjoys delving deep into these. She loves to travel and experience many cultures. She is not fixed to a particular way of life; she likes to dip in and out of everything that captures her curiosity. Empowered women are usually great story tellers.

These are just some of the traits of an empowered woman, in my opinion. As a life coach for women, I have a front row seat at witnessing some of the traits empowered women exude and it’s intoxicating! Empowered women’s lives are curated, meaning they work on all areas of their life, to live up to their potential. Empowered women cultivate a growth mindset, and this serves them well. Obviously, their personality plays a huge role in how their empowerment is displayed. Some people are unassuming, it’s only when you get to know them you learn how unbelievably self-assured and empowered, they are.

It’s rare for a person to possess a broad spectrum of empowered traits. Women come to me when they wish to create new traits they desire to have, consistently. Embodying a trait consistently requires working with the conscious and subconscious parts of your mind. Anything is possible so if you’ve been working on yourself and could do with a boost then let’s have a chat to see how I can accelerate your journey.

Hi! I’m Roksana. I’m a life coach for women in St Albans, Hertfordshire. I run face to face and online sessions via Zoom. I also specialise in trauma healing. I’m always happy to answer your questions around any of my methods or approaches. Long term changes begin with a guide who has walked a similar path, has a blueprint, will give you support and accountability every step of the way. If you’re interested to know more then please book a FREE call with me.

Your empowerment journey starts here!

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