Healing and Personal Growth: The Role of Root Cause Hypnotherapy

Root Cause Hypnotherapy makes deep healing possible. Your body is designed for your survival and for your healing. Hypnotherapy activates the healing state and brings forward all your resources. During times of trauma or difficulties, we can become disintegrated. Hypnotherapy sheds light on the parts of you living in the shadows. It integrates all the parts of you into one whole person.

What is Root Cause Hypnotherapy?

Root Cause Hypnotherapy is a method that accesses the powerful subconscious mind to reveal the root of a problem (Hunter, 2020) by using a hypnotic process taking you to a specific event or age. Travelling back to the moment a negative imprint was made, healing the younger you and installing wholesome beliefs.  

What conditions is Root Cause Hypnotherapy for?

Root cause Hypnotherapy can help support a person with a range of problems and desires:

  • General anxiety

  • Panic Disorder (social anxiety, excessive anger)

  • Low confidence

  • Low self-belief

  • Low self-esteem

  • Low motivation

  • Unwanted behaviour

  • Phobia or fear

  • Addiction

  • Excessive grief

  • Childbirth or maternity care trauma

  • High performance

  • Confident public speaking

  • Stage fright

  • Consistent habit formation

The power sitting within you is infinite

Imagine being able to meet your younger self?

Imagine being able to meet yourself precisely in your moment of need?

Imagine being by his/her side (the adult you) so they can process the upset of what’s happened and then fully heal so they can be liberated and empowered? We call this integration.

The Process

All clients begin with an assessment phase where details of their pain point and desired outcome are understood. The Hypnosis process begins with an induction where a client is helped to enter a calm and relaxed state. This state is then deepened to enable a hypnotic state where work with the subconscious mind begins.

The process involves setting up Ideo Motor Response (IMR) which enables the subconscious mind to communicate directly. Sometimes, the conscious mind doesn’t know the real cause of an issue or distorts the real cause.  Therefore, it’s hugely valuable and powerful to access the subconscious mind where all your past experiences are stored.

Ideo Motor Response (IMR)

During Hypnotherapy, I set your IMR which is a direct conversation with your subconscious mind. I ask your subconscious mind to lift a finger if the answer to my question is “yes”. If the answer to my question is “no” then the finger will stay flat resting on your leg or wherever you have chosen to place it. It’s also useful to set an IMR as sometimes in a deep trance, it’s difficult to verbalise clearly.

Your subconscious mind is accessed through imagination and speaks the language of emotion

Learning how to stimulate the communication between the conscious and subconscious mind is a powerful tool which is precisely enabled by the IMR. You’ll be guided to access the emotions and events keeping you stuck.

With IMR, the subconscious mind is invited to become an active participant and play a vital role in revealing the cause before aiding the healing process.

Our brain is extremely complicated. Our subconscious mind is a powerful force to be reckoned with. Our beliefs are programmed when we’re young and form the building blocks of our identity. Some beliefs that shape our identity prevent us from living in a balanced and wholesome way.

Anyone who has used will power to change their beliefs or behaviour will know the mighty task it is to prevent the old thought or behaviour from remerging eventually. The subconscious makes up around 95% of brain power. The conscious mind cannot override what is programmed within your subconscious even with significant willpower.

The five key components of a pre-talk before starting Root Cause Hypnotherapy

  • Allay concerns, your subconscious mind will only take you to an event or experiences if it believes you are ready. You’re in full control throughout. The time of seeing the event is momentary. The session offers a stronger emphasis on releasing, healing and moving forward.  
  • Any form of emotional release is a healthy part of the process.
  • A safe place will be established before going to any past events.
  • I’ll share the types of carefully planned questions in advance (see examples below)
  • Explain the back-up plan in case it isn’t possible to regress to an event or age by the third attempt.

(Hunter, 2020)

The importance of questions

The mind becomes suggestable and receptive to everything I say. To ensure you’re not influenced or steered by assumptions or biases, all questions are non-leading. Some good options of open, non-leading questions are:

  • Where are you?

  • Are you inside or outside?

  • Is it light or dark?

  • How old are you?

  • Are you with anyone?

  • What is happening?

  • What are you doing?

  • How are you feeling?

I’ll allow you plenty of time to speak especially when it requires more than a yes or no response.

(White, 2015)

The Healing Stages

After the event or age is visited two beautifully powerful healing techniques are facilitated within the subconscious mind.

Inner Child

The technique involves you (the adult) going over to your younger self, sitting with them and telling them you’re sorry for the pain they experienced. Tell them you love them and they are wanted and matter. This conversation creates the opportunity to heal and rescue the younger you. After speaking, hold hands and lead them away from the event. You’ll be asked to consider what your younger self would like to do for the next few moments. At this point you’re given time to witness your younger self experience a joyous moment.

Higher Self

Once you’ve enjoyed a few moments watching your younger self feel joyous, it’s healing to facilitate the ‘Higher Self’ technique. This involves asking you to imagine your higher self coming towards them. This can be an older wiser version of you, a guardian angel or a light or powerful feeling. Once you visualise the higher self-coming towards you, unite (present age), the younger self with the higher self. To facilitate this union or home coming as a way of integrating all the parts of yourself. Next you will visualise your younger self growing smaller until they can be picked up and placed close to your heart where they will reside from now on. They are safe now. Protected and heard.

Both these techniques enable a fuller healing process to take place.

The Gestalt Technique

The Gestalt technique encourages a wholesome detachment from negative feelings or thoughts. The Gestalt technique is used when another person (or people) are involved who may have contributed to the negative emotions. The Gestalt technique encourages you, a fully grown adult with strength and wisdom to say and be heard everything that needs to be released. After this, you’ll be asked if you wish to cut ties (or let go) with the negative emotions or person, then I’ll enable this releasing and detaching process.

Concluding Root Cause Hypnotherapy Session

After the Gestalt is completed, I will embed positive suggestions of new thoughts, feelings and behaviours aligned with your aspirations and personal growth.

Once awakened, we’ll have a full debrief. In total the session can take 90 minutes.

Benefits associated with Root Cause Hypnotherapy

  • You’ll be able to safely access memories deep from within your subconscious mind the conscious mind cannot recall easily.

  • You’ll be guided and supported to ‘be’ with the event or age momentarily knowing you’re safe and have already survived the past experience.

  • You’re able to heal from the event in your subconscious which is deeply empowering.

  • Empowering suggestions and beliefs (agreed in advance with you) can be installed within the subconscious mind to enable you to move forward in a more wholesome way. Your issue reduced in proportion to your new beliefs and positive feelings.

  • An added benefit, the work is carried out by the subconscious mind therefore not requiring will power or skill from you.

Why does Root Cause Hypnotherapy work?

Root Cause Hypnotherapy enables you to connect more deeply with your inner experience so you can gently befriend what may be going on inside of you.

During painful or challenging life experiences, we become disintegrated. We try to move forward in life without wishing to dwell on the wound.

We underestimate our ability to properly process and heal from the wound. We overestimate the power or intensity of the pain. We compartmentalise the wound and so we become disintegrated.

Most people supress or avoid uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. Avoidance requires a coping mechanism that at first can be a useful crutch, offering respite but eventually the crutch grows into a problem.

For me, food was a comfort/crutch but eventually overeating became THE problem. I needed to eat more and more to numb the (unwanted) feeling. I gained weight. I tried to lose weight using will power but I couldn’t sustain my approach for very long. Eventually, I sought help. I wanted to lose weight, but I couldn’t get what I wanted until I addressed the root cause I was trying to numb through eating.

What was at the root of my need to comfort eat? This question became the focus of all sessions and like an onion we peeled back until we reached the root cause.

How can I help you?

Root Cause hypnotherapy is wonderfully empowering and healing. The key is your level of desire to move forward. I say this, because some people without realising prefer to stay in certainty, even if it’s painful and limiting. You must be ready to embrace the benefits that come from releasing the wound. A great coach will help you create both a vision and desire of the person you aspire to become.

Transformational change and honing high-performance beliefs are embedded into all my programmes. If you’re ready to experience Hypnotherapy as a component of life coaching for women, book a free call to find out how I can personally help you.

Your healing journey begins here!

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