Roksana Hussein Transformation Coach
Transformational Coach
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Rediscover Revive Relaunch

Reprogram beliefs and unleash your full potential


Rediscover Revive Relaunch
Transformation Programme

Create a new belief system; cultivate new habits and condition new patterns of behaviour.

Time to hit re-set, delve into deep work and design your transformation. There are no quick fixes despite what you may be led to believe. Yes you can notice changes quickly but for sustained change, it’s essential to create the right conditions and embed a new programme.


1)    Learn how to spark a real sustainable change in your life
2)    Recognise and overcome destructive emotions or behaviours
3)    Redesign any aspect of your life (Relationship, career, health, finance)
4)    Reprogram beliefs and unleash your full potential
5)    Strengthen your mind by feeding it the right information

how I will Coach you for outcomes

1)    Create a compelling future and a clear road map
2)    Revive your courage and create new beliefs to serve you
3)    Action by action concrete steps to compound your transformation
4)    Test and teach proven tools and strategies to reach your transformation

Develop a High level of Self-efficacy, harnessing your own ability and belief to accomplish the life you desire and deserve.

Common Concerns
Stress Management | Anxiety & Mild Depression | Fears and Phobias | Addiction | Panic Attacks | Weight Management | Insomnia | Trauma | Confidence | Self-Esteem | Self- Belief | Self- Worth


Length of session: 60 minutes / Number of sessions:  8
Face to face or Zoom
Investment: £1200

optional payment plans available


Good things take time….It will be worth the view.

Good things take time….It will be worth the view.