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Transformation Coaching

Transformation Coaching

What is Transformation coaching?

Transformation coaching gives solution-focused sustainable outcomes. The role of a coach is to work with you to clarify issues holding you back and work towards gaining your desired outcomes.  All outcomes are *SMART. The coach will tailor make sessions, deliver the session and follow up to ensure direction, clarity and momentum.

The Process

During the initial discovery session, the coach helps to gain clarity over the concern.  This knowledge enables the coach to design a tailored programme, determine the pace and number of sessions.  

There are no quick fixes for sustainable transformation. There will be noticeable shifts in thoughts, feelings and behaviours but the aim is to build momentum and an emotional core for sustainable change. Individual sessions will not give radical changes by themselves. The sessions are designed to give you a gentle nudge, challenge beliefs and tap into mental faculties for solutions. The sessions will build a level of self-efficacy to tap into your innate ability to solve issues. The sessions will build momentum and have compounding effect over the course of the programme.

Pace of sessions

The pace depends on the urgency and type of transformation required. Weekly, fortnightly, monthly or bimonthly sessions are available. The coach will make the most suitable recommendation for your desired transformation.

Coaches can be hired for a minimum of 2-3 sessions for a short-term issue such as smoking cessation. Coaches are also hired for up to six months or more. Typically this would be a client seeking a major life transformation or where they seek accountability.  Clients would typically reach their first desired transformation and move onto the next outcome over long term coaching partnerships.

What can a Transformation coach help me with?

Addiction | Weight loss | Anxiety | Mild depression | Smoking Cessation | Insomnia | Eating disorder | Trauma | Confidence boost | Performance Enhancement | Imposter Syndrome | Self-belief | Self- worth  | General Health | Phobias | Fears

How long will it take to see results?

This depends on a number of factors. The key to success is your readiness to invest time and energy to achieving results. The urgency and commitment you place will determine how long it takes to see results. Coaching is a partnership, a proactive participant makes 70% of the contribution and the coach contributes 30%. A clients commitment will be demonstrated by implementing changes of habits, creating time for new rituals and any other tasks that nudge towards the Transformation.

How much time will Coaching take up?

A coaching session will typically last one hour. In between each session there will be daily or weekly tasks that are essential to build emotional core. Integrating new habits and rituals into a clients way of life will radically effect the pace of transformation. A typical example of homework can be seen below:

  1. Write gratitude journal (5-10 mins daily)

  2. Write Brag stack (5-10 mins daily)

  3. Read two chapter of assigned book (20 mins daily)

  4. Listen to Hypnotherapy Audio before falling asleep (15-20 mins daily)

  5. Watch a video relating to session and keep notes (By next session)

  6. Write a coping strategy for Fears (By next session)

What is the benefit of combining NLP and Hypnotherapy with Coaching?

NLP, Hypnotherapy and Coaching as stand alone techniques will each give results. The techniques are all effective, powerful and can hold their own. 

A Transformation coach helps to set *SMART outcomes and offers accountability. Here, we lean on willpower and discipline to achieve outcome.

An NLP Practioner helps define desired behaviours, thoughts and feeling by creating powerful commands for the subconscious mind using a range of techniques. The subconscious mind is very powerful and will respond to commands by taking actions.

A Hypnotherapist will induce a natural trance state ensuring the subconscious mind is alert, focused and ready to take on new empowering suggestions and affirmations. 

All three techniques give solution-focused outcomes. Their power is compounded when they are combined. The benefit of combining coaching with NLP and Hypnotherapy is to reach the root cause of underlying issues. Techniques deployed can then be prescriptive and therefore reliably achieve the Transformation.

If we just do Hypnotherapy we may miss vital details. An example of the importance is illustrated below:

A client presented with an issue around motivation to grow her business. She needed to complete courses and make time to develop ideas. She has been procrastinating and it was getting her down as she felt a desperate need to improve her income and lifestyle. She identified her main issue as lacking self-belief and lacking motivation. After three coaching sessions using NLP techniques, she revealed she was abandoned by her father as a baby and subsequently spent her whole life feeling vulnerable, not good enough and unhappy. This knowledge meant subsequent sessions were tailored to eliminate the root cause of actual negative beliefs. If Hypnotherapy had been carried out based on the presenting issue, the root cause would have been missed. The underlying issue, the real reason the client had these thoughts, feelings and behaviours. 

A good coach wants to be fired!  

Yes you read that right. As your coach I want to be fired out of your life after you complete our programme. It is my intention to ensure you have the tools, techniques and importantly the self-belief to resolve your own issues. I want to build a high level of self – efficacy within you. After your programme is complete, you should have the momentum and tools required to work on new areas of your life. My wish is for you to create a cycle of life long self-improvement. 

*SMART – Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time bound

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