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Be Confident or Do Confident?

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It’s the difference that makes the difference

Do you HAVE a high level of Confidence? Yes? No? Sometimes?

Reframe the question – Do you “do” confidence? When we shift our thinking to “doing” confidence this changes how we relate to confidence. When we are “doing” confidence, we view our confidence objectively, we create space, an outsider looking in. We’re able to measure the level of confidence we demonstrate. We no longer rely on feeling confident. Feelings are complex, changeable and so hard to measure when we’re looking to improve our level of confidence. When we “do” confidence we are applying a strategy. “Doing” confidence makes it tangible and measurable. You’re able to reflect upon how you demonstrate confidence objectively. You’re able to clarify your desired level for different situations. You’re able to monitor your consistency or improvements over time. You can learn and apply strategies and even hacks to grow your confidence (I can show you). You can practice strategies (privately) as repetition builds the muscle and memory. You can switch your confidence on just like a light switch. Create a command (anchor) for any situations you require confidence. It no longer becomes about what you have or feel but rather what you “do”. Us human beings have a remarkable ability for DOING just about anything we put our minds to. Next time your confidence waivers remember there is a switch.

Lydia Berman