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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)


Neuro Linguistic Programming

What is NLP?

Neuro –  thinking process; the way you use senses to understand the world

Linguistic – the words; the way you use language and the way it influences you

Programming – you’re behaviour; the way you organise ideas and actions, which produces expected and unexpected results

NLP is a behavioural change solution that’s works with the subconscious mind. The method is known as “modelling” the aim is to create solutions to model and mirror exceptional behaviour. The new behavioural change results in the desired outcome.

How does NLP work?

NLP is like a user manual for the subconscious mind. An NLP practitioner deploys techniques and creates language or commands directed at the subconscious mind to interpret and take action.

We take in information about our world through our five senses. Every experience since birth is stored as data (in the subconscious mind) similar to computer software. The data can become out of date, corrupted, generalised, distorted or deleted. It is impossible to remember every single piece of data as this would be too overwhelming so it is stored in the subconscious mind. This is the minds vault. It is powerful with an enormous capacity.

When we are wishing to change our programming, in other words when our thoughts, feelings or behaviours are limiting us it is important to tap into the subconscious mind. Some experts believe the subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than the conscious mind. Creating a new blue print in the subconscious mind is significantly more effective.

The conscious mind is the goal setter.

The subconscious mind is your goal getter. 

How will NLP improve my life?

The principles and techniques of NLP can help you reach solutions in a creative and resourceful way. We all have the ability to solve our own issues in life, NLP creates or nurtures the right conditions. You can build better relationships, establish a new level of confidence and achieve success in any aspect of life.

People usually discover NLP when they want to remove negative thoughts, behaviours or feelings however NLP also creates enhancements in areas of life. It is possible to gain increased creativity, greater focus, improved memory. The possibilities are endless.

Science of Achievement

Focusing on outcomes rather than actions is one of the key ways to achieving the life you desire. Outcomes are the end result. Outcomes give focus and clarity over where you want to be. NLP integrates you with who you are and unlocks your potential. Mirroring and modelling exceptional behaviours creates the perfect conditions to achieving success.

Art of fulfilment

Clients seeking fulfilment are able to align values and beliefs with their identity. Transitions in life often lead to deeper questions about meaning and purpose for our existence. Seek a higher sense of self and renewed identity for ultimate fulfilment.

It’s possible to develop and enhance your mental faculties such as Imagination, Intuition, Perception, Memory, Reason and Will. Reach higher to live a life of purpose, freedom and pleasure. Why work hard when you can work smart?

Is NLP safe?

Yes it is perfectly safe. NLP techniques enable you to be fully in control and an active participant at all times. 

Is it effective?

The effectiveness of NLP varies from person to person and will depend on the severity of issue(s). When we unpack our thoughts, behaviours and feelings we often discover the issue we presented with are not necessarily the underlying issue. Once we reach the root cause to undesired thoughts, feeling and behaviours then NLP is very effective.

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